INTERVIEW QUESTION: TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF. This is not even a question. But the job-seekers know that this is the most common but uncommon, simple but dire, universal question regardless of the entire job types and positions.

This question will impair you free from all your memorized questions and answers. And your answer will give both you and the interviewer the opportunity to go in any of several directions. The upcoming questions will spread their branches with the help of the words and sentences you are using to describe you.

Answering this question might sound like the easiest one because nobody knows you far better than you. But it can be the toughest because from there, the interviewer will drill down to the specifics.

Now, this question can be managed with some simple things. Just break the clichéd patterns.

Do not recite your Resume

“Tell me about yourself” is a probing question to help the interviewer start the conversation. The interviewers want to know how well you fit in this position. They do not want to intimate your life story. So it is wise not to destroy the opportunity by narrating your resume. They already have it in front of them. So better tell some topics which are not written on your resume. But don’t miss to mark your latest qualification with your study, training, and job.

Make a Good Start

The first sentence should be an introduction to who you are now professionally. Make a statement that gives a sense of what you are going to do to fulfill the needs of the company. Customize the response to the requirements. Don’t make the opening too personal.

Else you can ask for more clarification.

An example of call on can be as like- I will be glad to. Could you please give me an idea of the type of information you would like to know?

That might be a great help to start with.

Use Effective Phrases

Everything we say or write has the potential to either construct or destruct. It is how we use and how we associate with them, creating the result. Using positive phrases helps to grab attention while speaking and renders connection with emotion and intellect.

In order to create a positive sense of your personality you can start sentences with the phrases such as – ‘The quotation I live my life is…’, ‘My personal philosophy is…’  These types of phrases demonstrate your ability to be creative, concise and focus on your self-awareness.

Concentrate On your Strengths


Focus on your experiences and skills and it should be relevant to the job responsibilities you are competing for. These points could be included- experience, talents, special training, certification, etc. You should mention the history of your voluntary works if you have. Such activities illuminate your personality to the interviewers.

Describe your Weak Points as well

There are many ways people actually go through this topic. You can talk about your weaknesses with two parts. Firstly, confess honestly about your shortcomings. Secondly, what are you doing to overcome them and how do you manage to do so. Mention the skills you have improved. There are some job-seekers who list weak points those are actually strengths. Do not act dodgy. ‘I work too hard’, ‘I do not have any weaknesses’ – such answers are insulting towards the intelligence of the interviewer.

Give Examples

Present examples while delivering your speech. As an illustration, when you are saying that you have leadership quality, tell a story in which you did great with this skill. Also, do the same for the weakness too. Supposing, if you are scared of public speaking, then mention an incident where you had to face problems because of your inability.


There is no eventual way to close an answer in an interview. This is certain that you can never finish your presentation without any type of interruption. But once for all never forget to wrap up by thanking them for taking the time to interview you.

Make your script and practice until you become more confident. Avoid unwanted pausing or fumbling at the onset of your answers. Be simple but elegant with your responses. Demonstrate that you are smart throughout the interview by how you answer questions because you will be hired only because of your answers.

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